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A Strong Foundation...
At Wexford Contracting, we know the key to any great finished surface is proper preparation. Through state of the art machinery and experienced personnel, we're able to effectively  remove existing materials, improve the state of the existing slab and achieve the perfect profile for the required finish.
Our surface preparation services include diamond grinding, shot blasting, scarifying, fine milling, sand blasting, and pressure washing. Each surface we work with is treated uniquely, using any combination of these services to remove all imperfections and unwanted materials, ultimately arriving at the desired surface. 
All of Wexford Contracting's preparation processes are up to OSHA standards. Our equipment includes a 3140 Diamatic Vac, BlastPro MFG 954, and Blatrac 654 Dust Collector - all industrial vacuums used for dust and dirt containment.
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