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Wexford Contracting is a company built on more than 30-years of experience in the commercial/industrial concrete services industry. Navigate through our web page to get an idea of the kind of work we perform and projects we've completed over the years.  Our portfolio page showcases some of our most recent projects in grind & polish work, coating installations, and flooring demolition.


200 Halstead Blvd.

Zelienople, PA 16063

About Us...


Specialty concrete finishing services have always been our focus throughout the years, whether it's flooring demo, coating applications, or polished concrete. Our company was started more than 30-years ago by James J. Roach, and it primarily focused on diamond grinding, shot blasting, scarifying, and other mechanical preparatory processes. We've since expanded our book of business to include not only those prep processes, but also the installation & finishing processes. Today, the company is managed by Jim Sr., as well as his son James M. Roach (Vice President) and daughter Domenique Roach (Business Development & Marketing).

Rooted in our experience with mechanical surface preparation, we have a vast knowledge of what it takes to complete all kinds of projects efficiently, while providing top-notch quality and durability. Our goal is to provide our customers with a solid, cost-effective solution tailored to their specific need or application, from start to finish.

Our Services...


- Diamond Grinding

- Shot Blasting

- Scarifying 

- Flooring/Adhesive Removal

- Fine Milling

- Concrete Cutting


- Industrial Epoxies

- Grind & Polish

- Decorative Stain & Seal

- Concrete Resurfacing

- Joint Clean/Fill 


- Dur-A-Flex

- General Polymers / Sherwin Williams

- Tremco

- Pecora

- Prosoco 

- Eucilid Construction Chemicals

- BASF Construction Chemicals 

- Ardex Engineered Cements 




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